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 Always check the certificates... Turkey is so full of fakes.

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PostSubject: Always check the certificates... Turkey is so full of fakes.   Wed Apr 23, 2008 12:12 pm

There is so much fake and counterfeit stuff in Turkey, when embarking on the services of any professional service, if in any doubt,

ALWAYS check the certificates...

Of course some people are happy to pay the "cheaper" price for somethings, often that could lead to disaster.

If for example, you chose a NSS (Ann thats - non standard salon!), you could end up with permanent damage or infection to your own nails.

There are so many stories that "extensions will ruin your own nails", in truth, most damage is done mainly by a poor nail technician, or in lesser case, the nail wearer themselves...

If you have any queries or would like to discuss the qualifications of our technician, or even for general advice, pop into Pinkies Nail Salon where we will be able to answer anything nails related...

Of course this advise doesnt only count for nails, as I said, there is many types of fakes out there...

as for the handbags, well, some of them are great..
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Always check the certificates... Turkey is so full of fakes.
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